4 Things You Must Know About Hand Rejuvenation In Toronto

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Do you wish to enhance the look of your hands? Wouldn’t you love to see your hands being complimented for being as vivacious as ever? Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa brings to you the ultimate solution for tackling wrinkling and aging of your hands – hand rejuvenation in Toronto! Here are 4 things you should know about this highly beneficial cosmetic treatment:


The hands are one of the most fat-free body parts of the human body. Over a period of time, the collagen present in your hands begins to breakdown into smaller magnitudes. This biological process induces drastic change in your skin’s basic appearance. Hence, the hands have a tendency to exhibit clear signs of aging and that too quite faster than other parts of your body.

Once the collagen production and other vital protein elements in your skin start declining, your hands clearly start showing wrinkles while the skin starts appearing crumpled. This is why the process of hand rejuvenation in Toronto is so useful. It’s a cosmetic method that aims at revamping the appearance of your hands. It evades the obvious indications of aging from your hands to a great extent.

For facilitating you with a young-looking pair of hands, we at Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa have a team of skincare experts and hand specialists. We provide various methods of hand rejuvenation in Toronto. Our skilled taskforce holds ultimate mastery when it comes to providing services of hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers.


The collagen produced by your body is responsible for the freshness in your skin. Along with the growing age, comes the gradual breakdown of the collagen. In the long run, your skin turns thin and delicate as a result. This is where dermal fillers play the role of a guardian for your skin. These cosmetic fillers refine and refurbish your skin.

Thus, the exterior of your skin, which was disrupted due to collagen damage, is overturned. You’ll definitely notice that the hands which had veins and wrinkles showing up are now having plump, firm and restored skin.


At Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa, the dermal fillers used for hand rejuvenation contains collagen, autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid. As per our expert recommendation, the most reliable dermal filler for hand rejuvenation is Restylane Lyft. Our team is always determined to enhance the appearance of your hands while bringing it in a better shape and fast-track the stimulation of natural collagen production.

Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a swift cosmetic process. All you have to do is to settle down in a relaxed sitting posture and keep your hands on a flat surface. We’ll make sure to use a numbing agent to minimize the pain while injecting. One of our doctors will carefully inject the dermal fillers from the backside of your hand. Once the fillers are inserted, you’ll receive a satisfying hand massage while our doctor molds the fillers well. This entire process, on completion, shows instant results. You’ll be able to notice the drastic differences between your hands before the process and after the same.


The major advantages of undergoing the hand rejuvenation therapy are as follows:

Stimulation of collagen production
Quick and easy process
Affordable and safe cosmetic solution
Eradication of signs of aging from the skin
Wrinkle-free hands with a youthful appearance of the skin
Rejuvenated hands with natural-looking end results
Immediately visible effects and outcome

If you wish to know more about hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers, book an appointment online with Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa NOW! Our team of experts and dermatologists deliver result-oriented services while making use of the latest technology.