5 Medical Aesthetics Trends Of 2021

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The year 2020 has ended with the constant transformation of the beauty industry. We enter the year 2021 – a new era that promises many exciting new things with cutting-edge trends, technologies and the application of artificial intelligence in beauty. Let’s look forward to a year 2021 with many unforgettable experiences in all aspects of life. In this article, our Medical aesthetic clinic Toronto staff will lay out for you a look at the top most outstanding beauty trends of 2021.


The trend of non-surgical nose lift, also known as rhinoplasty, is becoming popular for women and men. According to recent studies, the number of non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures performed has increased by 29% in the last year. With this significant increase, cosmetic treatment will be the leading trend for 2020. With this type of rhinoplasty surgery, our team at the aesthetic clinic Toronto currently three implementation options: silicone rhinoplasty, natural body-harvested cartilage rhinoplasty, or injectable filler.


PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a blood product with a platelet concentration many times higher than normal. In aesthetics, platelet-rich plasma stimulates cell growth and proliferation of epithelial cells and cell division, regulates collagen production, regenerates blood cells and angiogenesis, releases vital factors.

At our medical spa in Toronto, we employ the nutritional factors of the PRP method to help our clients (and patients) regenerate and heal wounds, rejuvenate the skin quickly.


More and more people today are learning about the influence of genes on the risk of future detection of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and the impact of genes on the treatment and effectiveness of drugs, the ability to metabolize substances in our daily diet. And most recently, our aesthetic clinic Toronto experts have been looking into the application of gene decoding in making bodybuilding treatment regimens, improving physique and beauty.


A new type of wrinkle injection has recently been discovered. It is called the new E-type 2 tx. Our Medical aesthetic clinic Toronto team is looking into this new technology that will soon replace the old wrinkle injection options.

This type of injection will allow us to use up fewer resources while producing longer-lasting results. We can be more economical on dosage, saving your money in exchange. Moreover, the longer results mean that you won’t have to renew the procedure as often anymore.


Body sculpting is a method of combining technology to shape the body. The latest body contouring technology that we, the best medical aesthetics clinic in Toronto, are using is called B-shape T.M.C.

This is a technology capable of smoothing the rough skin surface, promoting toned and slim muscles. In particular, there is no need to perform invasive manipulations or direct impact on the body like some other methods.

We hope that the above top 5 beauty trends of 2021 that we shared will be useful to you. Besides the new age beauty trends, don’t forget that your body still needs basic skincare daily.

To protect the skin in the best way, you can read more of our blog posts about skincare tips. We wish you great success and beauty always!