Difference Between Hair Botox & Keratin Treatment

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For many years, owners of “unruly” curls can only do their hair in buns or braids – there is simply no way to pin them without having to be late for work or study. Today, the situation has changed – the cosmetic industry offers a wide range of means to eliminate this problem. Botox hair treatment and Keratin Treatment are considered the most effective. However, many people are still confused about the difference between these techniques and make the wrong choice.

In today’s article, our staff at the Botox clinic in Burlington will tell you the differences between them and help you choose the method that best suits you.


Botox hair treatment is a procedure aimed at restoring hair, while the main task is to treat and regenerate curls and not straighten, as is typical of Keratin. To some extent, Botox also contributes to smoothing the fibers, reducing puffiness but will not be able to eliminate the ripples completely.

Remember that the Botox treatment Burlington clinic staff uses, in a technical sense, has absolutely nothing to do with the facial treatment of the same name. This technique only gets its name because the result is a mild anti-aging effect, so the curls look more attractive.

Botox hair treatment will be the best choice for women who want to make their hair more radiant, easy to comb, reduce hair porosity and for blondes, still a great opportunity to get rid of yellowness. Botox is also used for thin and loose hair.


Keratin treatment is very popular with women of all ages. This is not surprising since the procedure allows you to cope with even the smallest unattractive curls and rogue strands. However, when it comes to Keratin treatment, in recent years, there have been a lot of unsatisfactory reviews. So before deciding to go for keratinization, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of such effects.

The main task of the Keratin treatment is aligning frizzy and curly hair. After the procedure, unnecessary fluff is removed. As a result, the woman receives smooth and well-groomed curls, but at the same time, the volume of hair is visually reduced.

The hair remains smooth even after washing with shampoo, but at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it will be quite difficult to create some other hairstyles. After keratinization, the strands cannot be twisted into curls. In addition, it is not recommended to expose them by stacking them up using curlers and other “heating” devices.


Knowing how Botox differs from Keratin, you can quickly determine which option is optimal in your own case.

Keratin has a pronounced visual effect but in no way affects the improvement of the quality of the hair structure and hair. Moreover, if keratinization is done incorrectly or on curls that are too stiff, then, contrary to expectations, they can become dry and brittle. That’s why our Botox treatment Burlington experts often avoid using this approach.

Compared to Keratin, Botox hair treatment is completely safe for the hair, and this procedure can be done even at home, especially since a series of drugs appeared not so long ago that do not require warming. It would be best if you simply had a rinse with water after 30 minutes after use.

Botox is considered an ideal treatment to strengthen and heal curls. Still, in cases when the keratin layer is too damaged, you will not be able to achieve the smoothness of your hair.