Exosome Therapy


As we get older, our skin cells also start to age and decrease in function. Our own skin cells produce fewer exosomes as we age, just as they produce less collagen and elastin. The result: signs of ageing – such as sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Exosome therapy ultimately allows new exosomes to swoop in to save the day. The new exosomes wake up your skin cells as well as older exosomes. Together, they get back to work, activating your skin’s healing process, including wound healing, improving pigment production, and ramping up collagen and elastin production so that your skin is repaired, strengthened, and rejuvenated. As a result, your skin is restored, becoming firmer, plumper, smoother, brighter, and more radiant.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are nanoparticles released by nearly all of the cells in your body that help cells communicate with each other so that cells can work together to take care of your body. Exosomes are specific to the cells that release them. Your skin cells also have their very own kind of exosomes. These skin cell-specific exosomes contain all the good stuff in a potent and powerful package: healthy and nourishing lipids, proteins, peptides, amino acids, coenzymes, minerals, growth factors, and genetic material; and skin cell exosomes are used so that skin cells can communicate with each other. For example, when you cut yourself, exosomes will trigger messages to your skin cells to kick-start the healing process.

Exosome therapy essentially manipulates this process, triggering your body to activate its natural healing processes. It’s kind of like PRP (Platelet Rich Therapy), but better because the results are more dramatic.

Exosomes are harvested from human stem cells, which are then frozen. Because they don’t actually contain a nucleus, there is no way that the stem cells can react with your body in any adverse manner.

Exosome therapy involves the topical application of exosomes in a gel-like format to the treatment area. This gel contains the concentrated power of over 2.5 billion exosomes. Exosome therapy can’t be done on its own. That’s because exosomes themselves cannot actually penetrate the skin – this is why you’ve never seen exosomes in your over-the-counter skincare products. They need a little help to penetrate your skin: through disruptions in your skin’s superficial layer, for example, following laser therapy, so that the exosomes can communicate to your skin cells to kick start the healing process. If they didn’t have this help, they would just be sitting on the surface of your skin, doing nothing. This is why exosome therapy is administered in conjunction with other treatments.

At Therapeutic Aesthetics, we use the BENEV line of Exosome treatments. This exclusive, cutting-edge biotech breakthrough features ExoSCRT, an innovative technology composed of 99% of pure, refined exosome – delivering the concentrated power of five billion exosomes to your skin. These hypoallergenic and paraben-free products are designed to absorb quickly into the skin. The BENEV Exosome treatment products have been accepted by many of the leading regulatory boards – an exclusive accomplishment at the time of writing – and are known to be one of the leading Exosome treatments in the skin rejuvenation and restoration world.

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