Fine lines? Hyperpigmentation? Discolouration? Wrinkles? Enlarged pores? Uneven skin texture? Dryness and dullness? If you think you need dozens of treatments to tackle every single one of these issues, you’re wrong. Believe it or not, you can fix them all with one treatment. If you have been desperately searching for a cosmetic treatment that can solve almost every single one of your skin concerns, look no further than microneedling.

Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment designed to activate the skin’s healing and regenerating capabilities. Penetrating quickly and effectively into the deepest layers of the skin using thin, hollow needles – each one thinner than a single human hair – the microneedling procedure is virtually painless.

The microneedling effect activates your skin’s healing process, supercharging collagen and elastin growth while firming and tightening up the skin to diminish facial wrinkles and fine lines. This process shrinks facial pores, even in the trickiest areas like the nose. It also makes it easier for your skin to absorb water and the beneficial ingredients in topical skincare products, giving your skin a healthy glow while preventing dryness.

Micro-needling also allows popular injectables and skin formulas to precisely penetrate and absorb deeply into the skin, promoting long-term skin health. Micro-needling is as an all-purpose skin treatment for clients of all skin types and tones in any climate. Micro-needling is for those who desire a natural, minimally invasive and non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts and other invasive dermatological treatments.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Mirconeedling works by creating hundreds of microscopic injuries in the dermis and epidermis using an automated device called the SkinPen® or Morpheus Empower. As the device rolls against the surface of the skin it injects 12 tiny needles (between 0.5 – 3.0mm deep) into dermal tissue to create a deliberate but highly controlled “trauma”. Immediately after the microneedling treatment, your body activates a powerful healing response, helping to boost natural collagen production and improve the skin’s appearance.

Microneedling with the SkinPen® offered at Therapeutic Aesthetics treats the following conditions:

Scars (surgical, acne and other)
Fine lines and wrinkles
Uneven skin texture and tone
Lackluster, dull skin
Enlarged pores

SkinPen treatments can be done on their own with fabulous results. However, to really unlock the benefits of microneedling, we always recommend to our clients to combine microneedling with one of the many other cosmetic and dermatological therapies that we offer for a powerful synergistic effect.

One of our most popular treatment combinations with microneedling is PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP uses one’s own blood to boost healing by introducing naturally-occurring growth factors which are abundant in the plasma component of blood. Plasma seeps into the deep dermal layers through the tiny holes created by the SkinPen.

We also see fabulous results in our clients who combine the power of microneedling with the magic of dermal fillers. Microneedling primes the skin to allow cosmetic treatments and serums to more easily penetrate the skin. We recommend microneedling with Dysport, which is administered to relax dynamic wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines and fine lines around the eyes.

Microneedling can also be performed with Hyaluronic acid (HA). Doing this boosts hydration and volume of the skin, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles as well as restoring a healthy glow. HA accelerates recovery, allowing you to see an improved complexion almost instantly.

Microneedling deposits skin-healthy compounds like vitamin C which is one of the most important constituents of our skin. Insertion of this vitamin boosts the speed of the healing process which has valuable benefits to the skin.

Normally, 3 to 6 Microneedling sessions are required to see dramatic improvement. Results can take up to 30 days to become visible after each Microneedling session as the skin heals itself and builds new collagen. Immediately after Microneedling treatment the skin can feel tight and have a reddish-pink appearance. This usually clears up after 48 hours.


Safely Reduce the Signs of Ageing
Of course, ageing is a natural process, and we should embrace it. But we don’t have to embrace the havoc it wreaks on our skin. If you’re tired of looking older than you are, you can rewind the clock with microneedling. Microneedling will help you reduce the look of scars, wrinkles, fine lines and other unseemly signs of aging.

We Have the Expertise
Our extremely skilled and highly trained staff are exceptionally qualified to deliver the best treatment – and the best results. We make sure that we provide you this treatment with the utmost care, and with utmost diligence. Check out our Google reviews!

No Fake Promises or Raising False Hopes
We don’t believe in sugar-coating just for the sake of attracting you to our services. In your initial consultation with our medical experts, we thoroughly review your medical history and devise the best plan for your treatment. We ensure that you are thoroughly aware of what you’re signing up for, what results you can reasonably expect, and what you may be at risk for.

We believe in giving you bang for your buck. At Therapeutic Aesthetics, we believe in fair and reasonable pricing compared to our competitors.

Lifetime Relationship
We have a history of building relationships of trust, honesty and sincerity with our clients. You can trust us to always act in your best interest, with your health and safety in mind. You become a part of our family once you take treatment from us. And, trust us on the fact that we are responsible to deliver positive results to our family members.


The microneedling tool is made up of tiny needles that gently punctures the skin to create small wounds. The wounds are unnoticeable but noticeable enough for your skin to realize it needs to heal itself which helps produce more collagen. The increased collagen production will help smooth out scarring as well as wrinkles.

A research study conducted on the effects of microneedling published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, found that almost all of the acne-scarred participants reported an improvement for their scars.


Arguably, collagen is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of the skin. Restoring collagen production with microneedling can reverse sun damage and hyperpigmentation that comes with melasma. This is a promising procedure for blotchy, or brown facial pigmentation.

Ultimately, glowing skin will give you the confidence you want, and microneedling is engineered to combat those stubborn concerns.


Another great perk of microneedling is it works to create younger-looking skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since it has the ability to stimulate the generation of new skin cells, it reduces lines and wrinkles in just a few sessions. The results are very natural with minimal downtime.


Some may think that microneedling can enlarge the pores because it pierces the skin; however, that is definitely not the case and in fact does the opposite. One other great benefit of the procedure is that it helps decrease the size of the pore and makes it appear much smaller. By stimulating the collagen production in and around the pores, it causes them to plump and shrink, if not closed.

Who wouldn’t want smaller pores? This is just another reason why microneedling is perfect for rejuvenating the skin and give you that radiating shine.


Here is a fact that you probably did not know – only 4-8% of serums that you use on your face actually enters your skin. Now, this leads us to the next amazing benefit of microneedling, and that is it improves product absorption. It can effectively help topical medications and skin care products penetrate the skin, allowing you to gain greater benefits of any product applied. Considering microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin it means that it’s easier to absorb substances applied in a way clogged pores cannot. The punctures act like channels that allow topical products to penetrate better and perform more successfully.


The technology used in Microneedling treatment is entirely safe, and approved by both the FDA and Health Canada. This treatment is long-lasting, natural, and free from any severe side-effects.

However, there are some side effects with microneedling that are entirely normal. Clients can expect their skin to be temporarily red after the treatment, but this redness will subside after a few days at most.

Though, some effects like reddish skin are completely normal, the treatment is entirely free from any sort of serious side-effects. As the treatment comprises purely of natural treatment formula, the results look more natural and are long-lasting.


Our microneedling specialists recommend that you carry your medical reports alongside you when you visit us for your initial consultation. We will go thorough your medical history and assess if you are the ideal candidate for microneedling. We will ask about your health history, any medications or supplements you are taking, and ask you about your lifestyle habits, to understand how this treatment will affect you. We may make lifestyle recommendations to you to ensure your success with the procedure. Also, our expert medical team will give you a thorough skin assessment, determine your sensitivity factor and get a fair idea of how effective the Microneedling treatment be for you.

After the microneedling treatment, we will make recommendations to you (a list of “dos” and don’ts” that you need to keep in mind to preserve your beautiful results.


As mentioned, most clients experience mild redness in the target area, which is temporary and normal.

To avoid any sort of serious side effects, we recommend that patients avoid consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours after they take this treatment.

We also advise our patients to use sunscreen regularly following their treatment.

Your microneedling results will reveal themselves first after a few days over your treatment, with full results arriving a couple of months later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any downtime?

You might get some redness on the skin along with swelling. But, these effects last just for a few days.

How much time it usually takes to reflect results after I take Microneedling Treatment

Usually, it takes around a month for the results to fully reflect on your skin after you take this treatment.

What's the difference between professional and DIY microneedling?

While DIY (Do-It-Yourself) microneedling may be a cheaper alternative, without a doubt, professional devices and tools are far greater than the ones purchased at your local store or online. The quality of the needles and pronounced depth helps create more controlled wounds on the skin, which essentially leads to better healing and stimulates more collagen production.

The home devices may help with some improvement to the skin’s texture and are good for exfoliating, but they don’t go deep enough to penetrate the dermis layer where the collagen is formed. Additionally, DIY tools will not help as much for scarring.

The more intense the procedure, the less treatments are needed. The at-home derma rolling devices are usually 0.2mm-0.5mm in depth, meaning two to three treatments per week will produce slight results but is great for skin care products to penetrate more effectively. On the other hand, in clinic treatments can be done a couple times a year with more dramatic results in a shorter period of time. So, that all depends on your desired results you want to achieve and how quickly you want to reach those goals.

Of course, incorrect techniques and inexpensive needles can lead to bacteria or skin injuries. The risk of infections is higher since the wounds on the skin act as a perfect channel for bacteria to make its way into the dermis. Getting microneedling done professionally minimizes the risk of complications since the clinic’s tools are properly sterilized and the aesthetician uses the appropriate techniques to perform the procedure.

Typically, professional microneedling procedures also involve medical grade topical products that aid in improving the final results. Treatments such as hyaluronic acid or kojic acid are used to provide glowing results. The microscopic wounds created enhance the skin’s ability for these topical products to penetrate and absorb into the skin, which makes the treatment far more effective. The skin care products you have at home are probably not like the medical-grade quality products used at clinics.

Also, before and after topicals are usually applied by the aesthetician to avoid infections and help reduce the inflammation which speeds up the healing process.

If you are on a budget, there is nothing wrong with opting for the at-home microneedling tools, but we advise you to be careful, do your research, and properly sanitize the tools. You will still be able to achieve slight results, but it may take more time to see a difference.

Do I need to use any sort of special gel or cream after I take this treatment?

After you undergo the Microneedling treatment, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. Thus, our medical experts strongly advise patients to use a broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen to care for their skin.

Can I get microneedling?

You may be a suitable candidate if the following applies:

  • You don’t have any skin infections.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You don’t suffer from active wounds.
  • You are experiencing skin concerns such as acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, and hyperpigmentation

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