Temporal Lift: The Facelift Without Surgery

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Every now and then a new technique is developed that disrupts how we do things. The Temporal Lifting technique is one such procedure that turns injecting filler on its head, quite literally. Instead injecting dermal filler in the mid and lower face, it’s administered much higher – into the temporal hairline.


Let’s say you’re looking for a facelift without surgery because you’re not ready to go under the knife. You make an appointment with a cosmetic doctor or nurse who recommends anywhere from 6-8 syringes for a non-surgical liquid “facelift.”

That’s quite typical of injectors who use traditional techniques such as MD Codes. This involves placing dermal filler in strategic areas of the face to achieve lifting and volumizing effects. In fact, that’s the way we’ve been treating facial aging and volume loss for years.

There is one major problem with this model, however – the high treatment cost. The average price of filler ranges from $500-750 per syringe, which means a ‘soft lift’ treatment can run you anywhere from $3500 – $5000 and up. The investment doesn’t end there as most people will need maintenance sessions every 8-12 months to keep their results looking fresh.

before and after temporal lift


Enter the Temporal Lifting technique developed by Dr. Claudia A. Hernandez. It’s revolutionary for a number of reasons. The most notable is the placement of the filler. A study published in Pubmed had this to say:

“Objective outcome measures have provided evidence that by augmenting the posterior superior temple the volume of the middle face can be reduced and the contour of the jawline can be accentuated; this is due to the underlying fascial anatomy and the resulting soft tissue re-position.”

In layman’s terms, the above simply states that by injecting dermal filler higher up into the temple area, enough lift is generated in the mid and lower face to create a noticeable rejuvenation and lifting effect.

Another major advantage is fewer syringes are required to elevate and reposition tissue than traditional techniques. What’s truly surprising is just how little filler is required, one syringe per side of high density hyaluronic acid filler, bringing the cost down dramatically for the client.

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You are correct to assume that the Temporal Lift alone cannot produce the same kind of volumizing effect as 6-10 cc’s of hyaluronic acid. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Less filler means less risk of altering the face in unnatural or unpredictable ways due to filler migration over time.

What’s the solution if you want to add volume and finetune facial contours? Tissue stimulating injections such as Sculptra can provide additional rejuvenation effects in the cheeks, temples and jawline. Learn more about the Temporal Lift treatment.

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