Types Of Dermal Fillers

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Dermal fillers are definitely one of the best ways to reverse the aging process. But, won’t you like to have an insight into their types? What are their types and what type suit your requirements? Answers to these questions lie below.

Polylactic Acid: This filler type works on subsiding the lines that are caused by laughing. Considered a stimulator, the treatment demands a few weeks to reflect the results. This form of treatment is effective on the lower half of the face.Usually, it takes around 3 months for the results to reflect on your face. The reflection time of the entire results may take a bit longer. Also, it is made clear that you will require a few appointments from your doctor once you take this treatment.

Polyalkylimide: This is another semi-permanent filler that is often used to treat wrinkles that are quite extensive. The filler hardly reacts with any body tissue. Thus, you need not worry about allergies before using this filler.Usually, the results from this filler last for two years. The collagen takes a month to form after you inject the filler. Thus, the results may take a month or so to reflect on your aging.

Hyaluronic acid (HA): This type of filler is the most popular and the most effective in reducing wrinkles due to scars, injury, and laugh lines. This is a natural substance that’s already present in your body.It is also present in your cartilages and skin tissues. This Dermal Filler is also effectively used as a pain-reliever for people suffering from arthritis. At Therapeutics Aesthetics, HA is primarily used by our Dermal Filler Toronto experts.

Calcium hydroxylapatite: This Dermal filler is another natural filler that is found in your body. Usually, it is used to help you to get rid of deep wrinkles and scars caused due to heavy injury.Available in the gel form, the filler is extremely consistent with the results it delivers.The results usually last for 12 months. It is a point to note that no animal product is used in the composition of these fillers which makes it safe for you to trust the same in terms of the allergy aspect.