Don’t Neglect Your Neck; It Gives Away Your Age

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Poor neck. It rarely gets the love it deserves. We dote on our face while the neck goes without. We simply forget it’s there until we reach our 40’s and 50’s and it starts to look old and haggard. It no longer matches the youthful, vibrant appearance of our face. Sometimes the difference can be so dramatic it instantly reveals our age. If this hasn’t happened to you personally (yet) then you’ve probably noticed this phenomenon on celebrities or people you know. For this reason the cardinal rule of beauty treatments is: what you do to one, you must do to the other. No exceptions.


You may not fully grasp the importance of it now because you’re fixated solely on your facial imperfections. Your main objective is to banish acne scars, lines, wrinkles or dark spots. Your neck is fine so if “it ain’t broke,” you reason. The truth is these types of procedures fundamentally alter the quality of collagen and skin tissue in the treatment zone, making your face more efficient at regenerating itself than your neck. Therefore, if you like to maintain your youthful appearance with regular microneedling, skin peels or even IPL, then after 5-10 years you’ll start to notice a visible demarcation line. The treated and untreated areas will look different.


It’s not just professional skin treatments that must be performed on the face and neck. Your daily skincare regime should definitely encompass both (chest and hands too, ideally). Many of today’s advanced medical-grade skincare ingredients have the ability to stimulate collagen (Vitamin C), lighten hyperpigmentation (Kojic acid) and boost the moisture level of skin cells (hyaluronic acid). Make sure to take advantage of these anti-aging benefits for other areas of your body. At minimum you should be using moisturizer and daily sunblock to protect the delicate neck area from the elements.


It turns out there are some exceptions to the cardinal rule. If you’re treating specific skin conditions such as cystic acne or rosacea, for instance. In this case it makes perfect sense not to deviate from the affected area. The neck is much too sensitive for harsh acne or cortisone medications. Botox and dermal fillers are not always required for neck so can be skipped also. Another exception is traditional laser rejuvenation (CO2 full ablation resurfacing). This procedure literally strips away layers of skin and can penetrate quite deep, making it too aggressive for the neck. Although milder versions such as fractional laser can be performed safely on face and body.