Let Your Fat FALL Off With Body Contouring In Burlington

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If you are looking for fat reduction in Burlington, then look no further! This fall, shed excess fat and skin alongside the autumn leaves. Body Sculpting is the perfect way to reduce fat without surgery – and start the way to a slimmer, healthier lifestyle. Our body sculpting treatments are easy, effective and non-invasive. This blog post will discuss the benefits of body sculpting in Burlington.


Lipolysis, or the breakdown of fats and lipids by hydrolysis, is a nonsurgical method to eliminate fat, tighten the skin, and improve muscle tone. While body sculpting treatments won’t help you lose weight, they can help you lose fat and replace it with muscle. Body sculpting treatments can also firm up skin in areas where weight loss has caused saggy skin.

There are different types of body sculpting treatments available, including:

Cryolipolysis: uses very cold temperatures to destroy fat cells
Injection lipolysis: injects deoxycholic acid into the body to destroy fat cells
Laser lipolysis: uses lasers to destroy fat cells
Radiofrequency lipolysis: uses a combination of ultrasound waves and heat to destroy fat cells, as well as cellulite. Can also reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and folds in the skin.

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B-shape T.M.C. is a body contouring device that uses highly focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to enlarge current muscles and encourage the growth of new muscle fibers. B-shape T.M.C. works by triggering thousands of muscle contractions, which cause the body to respond by building more muscle. The number of muscle contractions triggered by B-shape T.M.C. is not possible during even the most extreme of workouts. In fact a single B-shape T.M.C. treatment triggers as many muscle contractions as 20,000 sit ups.

Body contouring with B-shape T.M.C. can effectively be used to treat the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and feels like an intense workout. Despite the fact that your muscles will be doing the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups, you will be able to lay down and relax during your treatment. In most cases, a minimum of four sessions performed 2-3 days apart are recommended for the best results.


There are many benefits to body contouring with B-shape T.M.C. These include:

Targets Fat and Muscles
One of the main benefits of body contouring with B-shape T.M.C. is that this method targets both fat and muscles, which is unlike any other non-surgical fat reduction method. Other non-surgical lipolysis methods simply work by targeting and destroying fat cells. In addition to destroying fat cells, however, B-shape T.M.C. also targets the muscles, triggers contractions, and encourages muscle growth for new and existing muscle groups within the treatment area.

muscle diagram

No Sweat
Another benefit of B-shape T.M.C. is the fact that the entire treatment can be performed with no sweat. For starters, this means that you won’t leave our office drenched in sweat like you would if you were working out at the gym. However, the “no sweat” also refers to the ease of treatment with B-shape T.M.C.. Having body contouring performed with B-shape T.M.C. means no surgery, no hospitals, and no downtime. Simply stated: No sweat.

No Blood or Infection
Surgical methods of removing fat, such as liposuction, require the use of incisions to access the fatty tissues. With any type of surgical procedure, there is always the risk of infection, bruising, bleeding, and/or significant discomfort afterwards. Not only does non-invasive body contouring eliminate the risk of infection, bruising, and bleeding, but it also has very few side effects. When, and if, side effects occur, they are mild.

Long-Term Results
Once fat cells have been destroyed with B-shape T.M.C., they do not come back. This means that your results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The only way you will lose your results is if you gain a significant amount of weight.

Boosts Your Metabolism
In addition to destroying fat cells, creating new muscle, and tightening saggy skin, B-shape T.M.C. also helps to boost your metabolism. This is because it uses core conditioning techniques, which can increase the rate at which your body eliminates fat by five times!


B-shape T.M.C. is a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction that uses HIFEM energy to target both fat cells and muscles at once so you get beautiful long term results without ever having to go under the knife. There are many benefits to body contouring with B-shape T.M.C., including fat reduction, muscle toning, no sweat (literally), no blood or infection, long-term results, and a boosted metabolism.

For more information about how B-shape T.M.C. can help you get the body of your dreams, schedule a consultation at one of our three locations: Burlington, Pickering, or Toronto.